Countryboats & Houseboats

countryboatsCountry Boats: Country boats are small types of boats used for local water transport which can accommodate few number of people. It is not driven by motor. As it is small in size, it gives the oppotunity to enjoy the exotic sceneries by riding through small canals.

houseboatHouse boats: As the name says, it is truly a house built in a boat. It is a convertion of kettuvallam of olden days. Houseboats are huge in size aimed for leisure trips. Only natural products like bamboo mats, sticks and arecanut tree wood are used for roofing, coir mats and wooden boards are used for flooring and coconut tree wood and coir are used for beds. Even for lighting, natural resource like solar panels are used.

Houseboats are made with all the comforts of a hotel. Furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, spacious living rooms, kitchen and balcony are the amenities of a houseboat. Freshly cooked meals with fish caught right away from the backwaters is the most attractive add on of huseboats. Houseboats are available for day time sight viewing and for overnight stay.

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